Thursday, March 12, 2015

Emmy goes to the circus

Kelly asked me if Emmy and I wanted to join her and Taylor at the circus this year.  Emmy had never been so we decided to go.  She LOVED it!  I think Bryce was a little younger when we took him for the first time and he did NOT love it.  I reminded him of that and the fact that he had a boys day with Jason for monster jam when I told him Emmy and I were going.  He wasn't so happy about that and after seeing the show this year, I think he really would have loved it this year.  Now we know for next year!!
We had this little step in front of us instead of a regular seat and the girls enjoyed almost the entire show from there!

They later moved to Kelly's lap and Emmy eventually fell asleep there right before the end of the show.

We had lunch at Chick Fil A afterwards and then came home and Emmy got in the rest of her nap on the sofa with me!

We had such a fun girls day!

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Shipley Mommy said...

What a girls day! Sorry you had that big gate obstructing your view. Didn't seem to bother the girls much though.