Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm gonna miss this

I realize that I'm only going to be back at work for six weeks before summer vacation, but I'm going to miss these fun days with the kids and friends! 

Chase, Bryce, and Aiden

We went to the park today with Kelly and her kids and our friend Liz and her kids.  It sure is hard to get six kids to look at the camera, but the cookies seemed to help.  Emmy didn't look too happy about a group picture, maybe she just wanted a cookie too!  We may need to work on Bryce's "cheese" face.

Smiling photo op.  Now if only she were looking at the camera!

Emmy was practicing her rolling today.  I'm sure she'll get it right next week while she's at Kelly's and I'll miss it!


Melissa said...

how cute!

Melissa said... fun! I can't wait until summer when we can all get together and do stuff. Enjoy your last few days off. Summer is right around the corner!