Sunday, April 3, 2011

it doesn't get more random than this

We have had a great weekend and it isn't over yet.  We are headed to a wedding this afternoon, but I decided to go ahead and post my random pictures I took this weekend.

I'm slowly getting the dining room together.  The newest additions are the chandelier and medallion on the ceiling and a buffet lamp.  Unfortunately the store where I got the lamp only had one in stock and doesn't look like they will be getting more.  I have put Jason on an internet search to find me one!

I'm not sure I have every blogged about Bryce's room at the new house.  The colors are exactly the same from the other house.  The only difference in his new room is the ABC picture hanging on the wall.  He had more windows at the other house, which I liked, but this room has more space! 

We had 3 couples from our small group over last night to watch the VCU game.  I made this yummy brownie trifle (technically it's black and yellow).  It was good we had a yummy dessert to drown our sorrows when they lost the game!  Still proud of the accomplishment they made this season!

Bryce and Aiden

 Aiden is the son of one of the couples in our small group.  Bryce looks forward to playing with him on Thursday nights and at church on Sundays.  He was really excited to get to play with him on a Saturday.  The other night when Bryce was praying before bed I asked him to tell me something he loved and he said "Aiden".  So he prayed "Dear God, thank you for Aiden, amen".  Too cute!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Natalie and Lee said...

Just found your blog.... Love your baby's nursery! And I LOVE his name... Very unique!