Monday, April 18, 2011

"If I could make a livin' out of lovin' you"

If only I could make a living out of loving this little boy, I would never have to go to work again!  We had so much fun today.  Bryce has been asking about Candy Land for a while now so we picked it up while we were grocery shopping this morning.  He was well entertained while I put the groceries away. 

We spent the majority of our day outside!  Bryce picked out his own outfit today.  He loves this shirt because it has a train on it.  He refers to it as his "All Aboard to Grandmas" shirt which I think is hilarious, one because that is what it says, but two because he doesn't call any of his grandmothers grandma. He also chose his Thomas bathing suit and "crops" with socks.  

Bryce enjoyed helping me water the grass seed this morning with the hose so when Jason got home I thought Bryce would enjoy playing in the sprinkler while we watered some more.  Not.So.Much!

 I tried to convince him to run through with me.  This was "on your mark, get set."

 He didn't "go" so I picked him up and we ran through the water.

 OK.  We ran near the water.

 We still got wet!

 Whenever Bryce gets his hair wet he asks if we can make it spiky like Chase's.

 He was much happier when we cut the sprinkler off and let him play with the water on his own terms!

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