Monday, April 11, 2011

it doesn't get much better than this

Oh how I love spring!  Despite having to go to work today, this day could not have been more perfect.  I made sure I left work on time today so I could get a pedicure (since I started sporting some open toed shoes today).  When I was done, I picked up Bryce and we spent the rest of the evening outside!

Steven, this post is for you! Check out his blog if you are a lover of all things seafood!  It was a perfect night to grill out and eat on the deck.  I skewered up some shrimp (drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with Old Bay and lemon pepper) and Jason grilled while I fixed some yellow rice and sugar snap peas.  My photography skills leave little to be desired, but here is my tasty spring meal.

Bryce jumps at the opportunity to have a "picnic" outside.  He ended up sitting with us at the "big boy table" and entertained us with his numerous styles of laughter.   

 Bryce asked if we could go on a wagon ride after dinner, so that we did!

 He's going through a phase where he would really rather pull the wagon than ride in it!

 Then he decided he would rather walk with DaDa and Macy.  I just love my boys to pieces!

If everyday could be like this!

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Steven said...

Wow, those shrimp look great! My next post is going to be about some shrimp skewers, just waiting to get out on the grill and fix some. Thanks for mentioning me!