Friday, July 9, 2010


We spent the past week getting Bryce hyped about going to the zoo today. He talked about seeing animals at the zoo on Friday all week! Here he is ready to go!

He didn't stay in the stroller long. There was so much to see and he needed a better angle that the stroller couldn't provide. Before we got to the giraffes, we saw ducks, flamingos, lions, tigers, bears (oh my!), zebras and rhinos. Not much interaction for Bryce so I didn't include pictures.

Bryce did not want to have any part of feeding the giraffes. He kept saying "bye-bye giraffe", but we wouldn't leave because Jason was having so much fun!

Bryce was not fond of the giraffes and he was very startled when another giraffe snuck up on him and scared him!

This trip to the zoo was really more for Jason than for Bryce! Here are the boys feeding the birds.

Bryce gave it a try, but he dropped the stick as soon as the bird landed.

We were finally able to get him to pet a donkey.

Having a stare off.

This was the best picture we got after it took the lady 5 minutes to find the button to take the picture. I'm sure the other people on the ride were freaked out it had broken down and they were going to dangle over the wild animals all day!

Jason and Bryce got cleaned up in matching outfits for dinner tonight. Bryce enjoys the light (flashlight) on Jason's dresser and the balls (necklaces) on my dresser so we added them to the outfit. I couldn't stand it so we dropped the props for a real picture.

My boys!

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A Wedding Story said...

Great pictures Grace! Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!