Thursday, July 15, 2010

water fun

Today Bryce and I joined MeMaw, Kelly and her kids on a trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. I thought we were going to see the flowers, butterflies and play on kid equipment. Little did I know we were going to get wet! Luckily Kelly had an extra bathing suit for us when we got to her house!
Bryce wasn't in his regular clothes for long. He changed into his bathing suit as soon as we got to the children's gardens.

Here he is testing out the water. I had no idea he would like it as much as he did. It reminded me of the water hose and shower at Nags Head that he dreaded when it was time to rinse sand off. I just knew he wouldn't want to have anything to do with this spraying water. Boy was I wrong!

Loving every second of it!

Guess I can go ahead and get a sprinkler. I was holding off thinking it would be a waste of money.

Bryce could only convince Chase to come and play when the water was off.

Enjoying a snack after playing.


A Wedding Story said...

So cute! Have you ever thought about taking him to the fountains at Stony Point?

Heather said...

those are two cute boys!! i'm sure you hear this a lot, but boy, does bryce look like jason!