Friday, July 2, 2010

Jason's Post

I was specifically told that if I wanted this included on the blog, I would have to post it myself. I was happy to oblige, as this is something you do not see everyday. Last week Grace's Father's Day present arrived via UPS in a box that looked like it had survived Hiroshima. I am sure, at this point, you are asking yourself "Why did Grace get a Father's Day present?" This is a good question that I am not overly proud to answer, though the answer is quite simple. Bryce failed to buy his mother anything for Mother's Day, so I am trying to pick up his slack with a gift one month late. Unfortunately, Grace was not surprised when she opened the box. As some of you may know, the surprise is truly far more important than what the actual gift is to her. Either way, I collected accessories for her gift just like Johnny Cash would have, one piece at a time. She was gracious enough to humor me this evening after we put Bryce to bed by testing it out. I had to document this, as most of my friends will be extremely jealous that I have a wife who is both good-looking and willing to do the following:

I am sure she will be mad if I don't mention the fact that the stain on her shirt is a result of an unfortunate encounter with some bleach while attempting to detoxify our old house in an effort to get it back in shape to sell again. Also, in the below picture, please excuse the algae on the side on MY garage. I will get around to cleaning it up sooner or later.

The following pictures are an action sequence of the fun we had. Yes, that is a smile you see.
The smile fades to a look of supreme concentration.

The concentration has paid off. Excellent work for her first night.

I have no idea how often we will be able to get out there and shoot, but I plan to do it as much as she is willing. Hopefully she will get comfortable enough shooting that maybe she will pick up the bow while Bryce naps and I am at work. It is an excellent way to relieve some stress and blow off some steam, which we have plenty of both stress and steam these days due to our housing debacle. Peace out.



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oh, my gosh! lol! only you would get your wife a bow. you know you got a keeper when she's willing to participate in your hobbies! you guys are great!