Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter celebrations

Way back on April 5, Emmy had her preschool Easter party! 

She got a bag full of goodies.

Back inside, the kids did some activities and had lunch.  I whipped up this pretty Pinterest inspired treat!

Bryce had his spring party on the Friday of that week.  They hunted eggs, dyed eggs with shaving cream (it was a major fail) and had lunch, but this was all I had to show for it!

Then on Saturday we had our annual egg hunt at church.

The kids got to help with the Easter story.

There were 5,000 eggs to be found.

We'll be eating candy for days!

We had a week of spring break before the rest of the Easter festivities continued.  This past Saturday we went to an annual egg hunt hosted by some of our good friends and their parents.  

This guy is so handsome.

My friend makes the best looking and tasting sugar cookies.

The group has grown over the years.

You can always find this little monkey in a tree.

The kids got some beach themed treats for Easter.

Easter cuties.

Jason bought this suit for our Cozumel trip (post on that to come) and insisted on wearing it for Easter.

Love these babies of mine.

Family picture at church.

We had lunch, an egg hunt, and a wiffle ball game at Jason's Grandma's after church.  

MeMa and PaPa and the kids.

We had dinner with my mom to finish out the fun day!

It was a wonderful day!

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