Saturday, April 1, 2017

always catching up

Emmy and I had a girls morning with Nanny and Nana a couple weeks ago, complete with pedicures and Panera for lunch.

We couldn't wait for sing to come out! We saw it in the theater and loved it so we went out and got it the morning it was released and watched it once this kids got home from school.

We've had a tease of spring weather off and on so we take advantage of it when we can! 

Emmy had her first tee ball practice a couple of weeks ago and she's a natural!

Bryce found a treasure while picking up pine cones during church work day last Saturday.

We had some friends with a new baby come over last Saturday night and Emmy was happy to see the bouncy seat again, ha!

We had a kite flying event with our church last Sunday night and it was a perfect night for it!

Last year we couldn't buy a breeze for the event!

Nanny takes us out to dinner every week and this week was nice enough for ice cream outside after dinner.

This guy got glasses this week!  He went for his 8 year well visit a few weeks ago and the eye chart was a bit of challenge for him.  We headed to the eye doctor the next week and they said he is a bit nearsighted and had a touch of an astigmatism.  He picked out these fun frames and a pair of prescription sunglasses for baseball and he loves them!

Both kids had dentist appointments this week and thankfully they were both cavity free.  So of course we celebrated with donuts!  

I didn't want to be left out of the glasses fun so I ordered my first pair of new glasses since high school.  I might actually take a break from my contacts for a while because I'm loving these new frames!

That's another round up of what's been going on around here!

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