Wednesday, April 19, 2017


While the kids were on spring break last week (having a grand time with Nana and MeMa and PaPa), Jason and I took a little trip to Cozumel.  This guy of mine is one of a kind in his "traveling suit" as he called it.  I mean I guess it was perfect for traveling to Mexico!

Jason made lots of new friends in that suit.  I was thankful for the conversation he struck up with the flight attendant on the first flight.  Free wine!!

We had arrived in paradise and were greeted with champagne at check in and all the fixings for tequila shots, ha!  We stayed at the Secrets Aura and they did everything just right.

Our room was ready when we got there so we headed straight to the beach.  Turns out Jason didn't realize he booked us in the preferred/VIP section so we had the best of the best.  I mean check out this set up!

I'm already missing this view.

Most of our meals were overlooking the water.

My mornings started like this everyday!  Hello, all inclusive!

The views were picture perfect.  

Our section of beach was much nicer than others thanks to the VIP upgrade!

We didn't see much wildlife while there, but this guy was hanging out by the pool one day.

I'm so thankful for this guy.  He works so hard so we can take trips like this and he deserved a much needed break!

There were drinks for days!

The views were just breathtaking.

Bananas right outside our room.

I enjoyed relaxing and getting to read 3 books!

I think I like the idea of a swim up bar!

I enjoyed a massage on the beach one day!

Jason went on a scuba diving excursion while I got my massage.

Our resort had a coconut party with pretty drinks one afternoon.

It doesn't get much better than this.

This guy is all mine!

We had sushi one night on the rooftop.  

I was fascinated by the swings at one of the pool bars!

We had a midday flight home so we were able to soak in a little more sun and sand before we headed back.

Cheers to an amazing trip with my wonderful husband!