Tuesday, July 12, 2016

florida - grandkids week

Jason's parents got a condo in Florida for three weeks this summer.  The plan was for the grand kids to go for a week, then we get to join them for a week and then his parents get a week to themselves to relax from the other two weeks.  The day finally arrived and they packed up on Friday and went on their way!

They stopped about half way and finished the trip on Saturday.

Jason's sister decided she wanted to get it on grand kid week and when she got there Monday, the pictures really started coming!  Thanks Kelly!

Dinner and then back out to the beach.

They went on a nature walk this morning.

We did face time tonight and they told me about all their sightings.

Two peas in a pod!

I can't wait to be on that beach with them!

My girl still can't hang all day with the big kids.  Whenever I take sleeping pictures of her, I post them on instagram with the hashtag #whereemmysleeps.  It made my heart happy to get this picture with that hashtag from Kelly!

There's nothing better than ice cream at the beach.

I can't wait to see them on Friday!

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