Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of july celebrations

We started our holiday celebrations on Saturday with a trip to the lake.  We enjoyed a cookout and then some fishing and fireworks.  I think Bryce said he caught 13 fish!

Bryce was brave enough to take his first fish off the hook.

He did it!

Fishing didn't interest Emmy for long so she went swimming.  

She eventually came back for more fishing and was successful, but she wasn't real happy about it, ha!

Once the sun started to set we headed to get a spot to watch fireworks on the lake.

It was nice and cool while we waited.  Not your typical July 4th weather.

It was a good show, especially the finale!

Patriotic outfits for church on Sunday.

We went out for a yummy lunch after church.

We headed to Krsipy Kreme for festive donuts on Monday.

Last night we headed to the Shipley's for our annual holiday cookout.  We always have a fun time.

Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend.

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