Tuesday, June 21, 2016

undefeated season

Bryce had a wonderful baseball season!  His team went 14-0 for an amazing undefeated season.  Bryce has really grown into such a great ball player this year!

The head coach arranged for the team to have a pizza party at the party pavilion at our local double a stadium.  After the party, they got to go out on the field for a couple treats.

Their names were read over the intercom and they received their trophies on the field.  

What a special experience.  

Bryce loves having his daddy coach.

Time for the National Anthem.

The boys got to stand with the players during the National Anthem and they got a few high fives!

It's not a baseball game without ice cream.

Our favorite Angels player.

Congratulations on a wonderful season, Bryceman!

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