Sunday, June 5, 2016

summer always starts before school is out

So many people consider Memorial Day the start of summer.  The fact that pools open, it's warm outside, and the sun stays up longer make it feel like summer, but the reality of two more weeks of school still looms!

Bryce had his last play performance on Wednesday so Emmy and I went and watched and picked him up early and surprised him with a trip to Nana's pool.

Jason was off on Friday and Emmy never takes a nap when he's home.  Clearly she needed a nap, at Target!

This girl can sleep anywhere.  I finally went back through my Instagram pictures and gave some of them a the hashtag #whereemmysleeps.  It's amazing to me where she can sleep!

Nana had told us she wanted to go to a Squirrels game with us this year so we brought her along for Jason's work night out at the Diamond!

We had a great night and even ended it with fireworks!

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