Monday, March 14, 2016

playing catch up

A few weeks back the kids were out of school for the primary election so we went to Barnes and Noble for Bryce's free kids club birthday treat.  The cookie he chose was bigger than his face!

Nana and Pap had given him a gift card so he had fun spending it while we were there.

My little LuLaRoe helper.

She opened, stacked and sorted leggings like a champ!

When I took Bryce for his 7 year well visit (which was scheduled months ago) the doctor said he had pneumonia.  WHAT?!  We went out for frozen yogurt to make me feel better about that BIG parenting fail.  He felt fine the whole time and we never would have known he had it.  

Macy loves to hang out in Emmy's bean bag chair all day1

Emmy had spring pictures at school last week.  She got this precious dress for her birthday so I thought it was perfect for spring and Easter!

Emmy and I go to story time at our local Chick Fil A on Mondays.  Last week they were giving out samples of the new frosted coffee.  It was so good we had to go back for a normal size one by Wednesday afternoon!

The weather and temperatures last week were amazing.  It was perfect for a golf cart ride with Nana on Thursday afternoon. 

Jason was off on Friday so we had lunch at school with Bryce.  We snagged Thomas when his class walked by so the boys could eat together!

The kids went to Kelly's on Saturday and she sent me these dress up pictures!

Silly kiddos!

I'm all caught up for a few days!!

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Shipley Mommy said...

That is a big ole cookie! How awful is it I get the B&N coupon for my kids each year and I've never taken them to use it :/ Bad mama! So glad we are getting warmer spring days! Here's hoping they stick around for a while! And thanks for including Thomas at school lunch. He cherishes any time he can get with his best friend. :)