Tuesday, March 22, 2016

last week/end

Bryce started gymnastics a few weeks ago.  The gym is a mad house in the evenings and it's hard to find a place to stand or sit, but I did manage to capture this picture of Bryce on the rings last week. 
Emmy missed a nap for some reason last Tuesday and ended up sleeping in the car at Bryce's baseball practice that evening.

Last Wednesday was a warm day and the temperature didn't drop too much after the sun went down so Jason and I spent some time on the deck!

My lucky leprechauns!

We finally had some down time on Friday night so we went out for frozen yogurt before heading out for a fun night of arena racing.

The kids enjoy the local arena racing at our coliseum.  We hadn't been this year and the season is almost over so we went before it was too late!

Fun times!

We had our annual egg hunt at church on Saturday.

Emmy invited a friend from school to join us!


Jason was with Bryce in his section so I missed my picture opportunities with him and all his friends!

Hope everyone has a great Easter week!

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Shipley Mommy said...

You are such a busy lady, and a busy family. But, always finding things to make precious memories. So glad that my boy could be apart of several of those in the past week!