Tuesday, March 18, 2014

just some things

I am so glad we don't live any further north than we do (which we really aren't north at all).  I cannot imagine winter being any colder and snowier than it has been here this year.  People up north would laugh at that comment, but enough is enough.  I thought these next few pictures would be fun.

Here are Bryce and Chase at our new house on March 20th when we moved in 4 years ago.

Here is the view out our back door today, March 18.  Can you see why I'm so OVER winter.  I'm used to sun and short sleeves by now!

The kids were out of school yesterday so Bryce missed yet another fun school day.  At his age, he doesn't really look forward to snow days, because he only goes to school three days a week for three hours at a time and they still do FUN stuff.  Already this year, they have had to postpone pancakes and pajamas day for the letter P, the Valentine's party, and Dr. Suess' birthday celebration, and now their green day snack for St. Patrick's Day, all due to SNOW!  When I was teaching, there were years we couldn't even buy a snow day and now look at us, ha! 

I just had to add this because it is hilarious.  Jason and I went out to dinner on Saturday night and passed the Peeps car on the interstate on the way home.  Too funny!

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