Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So I'm totally biased, but I do think Bryce is pretty darn smart.  He is very creative, has a great imagination, and already thinks outside the box.  Tonight at dinner Jason squeezed some jelly onto Bryce's plate to dip his biscuit in and he said it looked like a hot air balloon.  It really did!  When I was getting him ready for bed he was playing with his Bumbo seat and it got turned upside down and he asked me if it was a sun.  See below for yourself.  Pretty creative, huh?

We've been working on recognizing numbers and letters for a while.  Tonight during Bryce's bath I quizzed him.  He only knows the numbers 1 and 2, but look at all of the letters he knows.  I didn't get around to asking him all 26 so I'm sure there a few more.  Bryce recognizes his name and can spell it, but he doesn't recognize all the letters individually. I love that he can also give you a word for most of the letters that he knows! 

While I do find academics to be very important, and I want Bryce to be well educated, I never want him to be too stressed out about learning it fast enough.  I hope that he will always be as relaxed and carefree as he is in his swing with the wind blowing in his hair and the only care in the world is if I'm going to push him higher!

And on a totally random note, I was brushing Bryce's teeth and noticed that he has a molar coming in.  He is up to nine teeth on the bottom and 8 on the top. 

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