Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rainy day

The weather people have been forecasting a big snow for today for the past week.  Turns out it was really just a cold rain, but we got out of school anyway!  Bryce is just as happy about a snow day as I am!

Since school is all I really know during the day, we got right to work this morning. 

We worked on numbers and counting for a little while then colored some.

We started this art project over the summer, but Bryce was a little too young for it.  I tried to get him to finger paint, but he didn't really get it and I ended up helping him more than I wanted to.  

I guess Bryce thought we were doing body paint instead.  He was an absolute mess afterwards. 

I pulled the canvas out again today and we were able to finish it.  I got smart this time and decided to use paint brushes and save finger painting for later.  He really enjoyed working on this.  I can't wait to hang it in the playroom.

I told him he could finger paint if he wanted to, but he wasn't really interested.  He must have remebered how upset I got last time, ha! 

He couldn't go on until we washed his hands.

After we painted, we made some green rice krispie treats to round out our hands on learning for the day.  We did venture out to the vet to get Macy a refill of heart worm medicine, but that trip took all of 10 minutes.  We've just been hanging around the house enjoying each other's company.  I love days like this, but I also dislike them because it reminds me how much I miss out on each day. 

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Sara said...

Your day sounded very similar to ours today, painting at all :) Emma loves to fingerpaint and everytime she asks, I feel my anxiety level creeping up. I could NEVER be an art teacher! :)