Thursday, March 4, 2010


If you know me well, you know I pride myself on my promptness with thank you notes. I normally have them in the mail the day after I receive a gift. I had hoped to do that with Bryce's birthday thank yous, but I had an idea. I thought it would be fun to take a picture of Bryce playing with all of his presents and then include the picture in the thank you note. This was before I knew what kind of endeavor I was taking on. I decided that in the midst of moving, this might not be the year to try such a task. Rest assured, the thank you notes are being sent tomorrow and may still reach you within a week of Bryce's party. The pictures below were from my attempt to document the presents.
block shape sorter

Chase picked out this fuzzy green pillow all by himself!

We bought this toy organizer with the Target gift cards Bryce got. Our buckets are different colors than these. We thought it would be good organization for the new play room.

Nina and Pop gave Bryce this Little People airplane. He has already learned how to put the people inside.

cookie jar shape sorter

Bryce's piggy bank was very well fed on his birthday!

Bryce also got some diapers and this turtle car

And on a totally different note, I had to take Bryce to have some blood work done the other day. At his 12 month appointment the doctor said they needed blood work to test his iron and to see if he had lead in his blood. Our insurance makes us go to Lab Corp for blood work rather than at the doctor's office. Let me just say, we had a VERY bad experience. First they stuck him in his left arm. They were able to get some blood, but then the vein blew. You can see the results of this in the bruise on his arm. Poor kid! Then they had to switch to the right arm. They dug around in his arm for about 2 minutes while Bryce screamed bloody murder. They never found the vein so they gave up. They were very unprofessional and basically told me that the test wasn't really important. I was not a very happy mommy when we left and I can assure you that Bryce was not a happy boy.


A Wedding Story said...

That is awful!!! Poor Bryce!!!

Sara said...

Poor baby :( LabCorp is HORRIBLE! We have to use them with our insurance and I dread every single time I have to go there. I have to get bloodwork done a lot with my pregnancies and I think I've maybe had one decent experience with them. Very unprofessional! I was wondering if it was just our lab here where I live, but aparently it's all over. So sad to do that to a baby :(

Laura aka Mama Ham said...

I'm guessing you went to Labcorp across from the hospital? THEY ARE THE WORST EVER!!!! My youngest has special needs and some medical issues and requires blood draws. We took him ONLY ONCE to that Labcorp. After blowing all of viens they lady told me she had never stuck a baby before. You can only imagine how angry I was, and let them know it :)

Josh, Jamie, Kaleb, Kathryn & Maggie said...

Poor Bryce! We had the same experience with Kaleb. I ended up just leaving and bringing him back another time. Luckily, there was one gentleman who was able to get it the second time. He was great...if only I could remember his name!