Thursday, March 25, 2010

13 months

Chase and Bryce enjoyed eating lunch on the new deck this past weekend. Don't they look cute in their backwards hats?!

Bryce is a busy boy these days.
  • He is walking all over the place. It didn't take him long to catch on.
  • He is saying lots of new words. My personal favorites are thank you and uh-oh. His other new words are cat, bird, boat, stuck, more, there it is, up, yes, and pas (paci).. There are probably others, but that is all I can come up with. We are working on love sounds like a mumbled mess of sounds, ha!
  • He can make the monkey sound and it is adorable.
  • He only drinks a bottle at bedtime and he does great with cups of milk throughout the day.
  • He is wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
  • He enjoys reading his books in the car and he loves facing forward in his car seat.

We are enjoying watching Bryce grow and develop each day. He continues to amaze us!

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