Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Matching Outfits
MeMaw bought Bryce and Chase matching shirts to wear today. We tried a couple of times to get a good picture of the two, but it's hard capturing the perfect picture when you're dealing with babies. We took pictures at church in front of the flowered cross and Bryce was awake, but Chase was sleeping. We decided not to use those pictures since Jason's photography skills aren't up to par yet! I settled for this picture because you can at least see that the boys were wearing matching shirts. Hope everyone had a happy Easter!
Bryce's First Easter Basket
We went and visited Nana and Pappy yesterday and they gave Bryce this adorable little Easter Basket. He got a Baby Einstein DVD, an Old MacDonald puppet book, and eggs full of money!! What a perfect basket for a little baby boy!!

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