Thursday, February 5, 2009

37 Weeks

I forgot to take a picture today, and I even had on a cute outfit. I will try and remember to do that tomorrow. I went to the doctor again today. On Tuesday my back/butt started hurting every time I put weight on my left foot. I told the doctor today and he said, "you poor soul, at least you have had a good pregnancy up until now" (I didn't remind him about the 10 weeks of morning/all day sickness). He didn't seem to be too worried about the pain so I didn't bother asking for drugs. I will just keep limping down the halls until my leg/back give out. I tried the heating pad last night, but it didn't really seem to do any good. He did say I have dilated about 1 centimeter. We are slowly starting to make some progress. I'm hoping he comes a little early so he isn't too big, but I'm hoping he doesn't come too early because my sub plans are still a work in progress. My choice date would be February 21 or 22. I go back next Friday!


A Wedding Story said...

Almost there! I am sorry about the pain, yuck no fun.

Josh, Jamie, Kaleb, and Maggie said...

hope you get feeling better! hang in there!

Heather said...

you are still at work!? the germans would have sent you home months ago!! they actually make amazing allowances for mothers and fathers to take what is called "parenting time" off work and still get paid.