Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bryce is 8

Having a birthday on a weekend is way better than a weekday!  Bryce had big plans for his day today.  First up was breakfast at Waffle House.  This is a tradition that he and Jason started a few years back.  I love to think about when he's in his twenties if they'll still go to Waffle House for his birthday breakfast!

After Waffle House, the Walmart claw machine is also a tradition. 

Next up was the Science Museum.  Thanks to MeMa and PaPa, we were able to purchase a membership when we went today.  Watching the rats play basketball is one of their favorite things to do there!

How is it that he's already 8?!?


I just died over how she posed herself without any help.

After picking up Bryce's cake for our family celebration tomorrow, we met up with Nanny and Nana for more fun.  Bryce picked Noodles & Co.  

And the biggest surprise of the day was going to Build a Bear.  Bryce had asked for a gift card for his birthday and Emmy got one earlier in the month in preparation for Bryce getting one.  Someone I didn't manage to get pictures of their completed animals, but Bryce chose a blue T-Rex.

Emmy got a dog and she put roller skates on her!

Two happy kiddos!

We came home for about an hour and then headed out for last hurrah; dinner at the Caddell's.  I felt bad because Bryce hadn't had any birthday cake or blown out any candles so Kelly put some candles on the brownie we had for dessert and we sang to him!

I'm pretty sure it was a fantastic day!

8 year old stats:

Weight: 53lbs
Height: 48 1/8
His vision test was a bit off so we're headed to the eye doctor soon to see if he has in fact inherited his daddy's poor eyesight!  

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