Saturday, February 27, 2016

bryce is 7

Last night as a 6 year old.
Bryce wanted a "real" Bible for his birthday.  We have a few kid versions and a new Testament that he got at baby dedication, but he wanted one like in "big church".  He was super excited! 

Two years ago Jason started the tradition of taking Bryce to Waffle House for breakfast because he had never been there and wanted to go.  We were up early so he could get to school on time!

Bryce's school participates in the Watch DOGS program which provides male role models for students.  Jason signed up to do it on Bryce's birthday so they went to school together on Thursday!   

Bryce only buys two foods in the school cafeteria and they were serving one of his favorites on his birthday.  He and Jason bought lunch and Emmy and I came with bakery treats for dessert!  This is one of Bryce's little friends from class.

Bryce chose his favorite Pizza place for dinner and arcade games for our family dinner.

He had a great birthday and we're looking forward to more celebrating at his party today!

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