Monday, August 31, 2015

soaking up summer

We've been busy this summer.  We've been on a lot of fun trips, but they took a lot of preparation and clean up and I felt like the kids' time at home this summer was somewhat wasted running errands with me.  So I decided last Wednesday that we needed a day packed full of fun!  We started off with a trip to Jumplogy!
The Ninja Warrior course has become their favorite thing there!

Muscle Man

Both kids tried the trapeze this time and loved it!
 So brave!

I was impressed Emmy made it to the top!


Next stop was the sprayground.  It was a little chilly so the kids didn't play too long.

These boys have had a lot of fun this summer.

Cousin fun.

The kids preferred the playground since the water was so cold.

That girl can pose for a picture!

Five little friends!

My kids love Subway and beg for it all the time.  So of course we ended our day of fun with lunch there.

The countdown to the end of summer has begun.  One more week until our days look a lot different!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

yorktown beach

We went to Yorktown Beach on Friday with the Shipleys for our 3rd annual end of summer hurrah! 
It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time.

Gracie just loves Emmy!

Best buds!

Oh, this girl!

My little fish!

Bryce and Gracie spent a lot of time out in the water so Thomas and Emmy stuck together for a while.

Told you he's a little fish.

This one could just "cheese" all day.

Wearing her yellow "zucchini".

I can't pick just one.  She's just too cute!

Ben and Jerry's for the win!

Waiting for the trolley.

It's not a trip to Yorktown without a trolley ride!

Emmy fell asleep on the trolley.

Then there was dinner at Pierce's on the way home.

Love this tradition!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

bryce's new room

I'm about ready to put Emmy in a big girl bed.  However, she was in the smaller room and had more furniture than Bryce.  This meant that when we made the change, we would also switch the kids' room.  They were actually excited about the move as long as they got new paint/decorations!  Bryce's only stipulation was he wanted orange because that's currently his favorite color.  After spending some time on pinterest, I found some inspiration that didn't make orange seem so bad, ha!
This room was definitely a Pottery Barn room.  The curtains came from Pottery Barn kids and the comforter came from Pottery Barn teen.  I found the fun lamp (that matched perfectly) at Ross.
I bought the book shelf to add to Bryce's room because I wanted to keep his old one in Emmy's room.  He has plenty of books on the bottom shelf, but I had fun decorating these top shelves.

Bryce is really into baseball right now so I wanted to incorporate that in the room without making it something permanent if he ever changes his mind.

I bought his sheets at Pottery Barn Teen as well.  I got him an American League sheet set and then bought him a set of additional National League pillow cases.  He loves it!  I'm looking for some kind of baseball throw pillows to spruce up his bed.

I found this baseball sign on Etsy, but it was way too small.  Jason insisted we could make our own and we did.  And let me tell you, it was a labor of love!  We took apart an old pallet to make the sign.  Next I painted the white circle and then hot glued red twine on it to look like a baseball.  A friend of mine printed out the quote on her silhouette and then we taped it down and painted it.  I started painting with a brush and is bled too much so we spray painted it instead.  It's by no means perfect, but it's DONE!!
I'm not a fan of trophies because they just collect dust, but Bryce is proud of them!  I decided instead of sitting them all out on his dresser, I would display them a little better.  The picture doesn't really fit the theme, but I thought it was fun!
Bryce is super excited about his room.  We compromised on some things (he wanted an orange stripe and I didn't) and I think it turned out perfectly!  It may be a little while until I get to Emmy's room.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Idaho - the wedding

**picture overload - I'm going to let them speak for themselves**