Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Idaho - Day 1

We headed to the airport last Wednesday morning to make our trek to Idaho!  The kids were super excited to be flying on an airplane.  This was Bryce's third flight and Emmy's second, but she was too young too remember the first.
Emmy was a great passenger.  Stickers and Swedish fish can make any trip fun!

Bryce played baseball on the ipad the whole time.  I'm not even sure he knew he was on a plane, ha!

After getting settled at the hotel, we had a little time to swim in the pool before we had to be somewhere.  Jason picked our hotel specifically for the pool.

These two are little fish.

After the pool, we got cleaned up and headed to my cousin's house to visit.  The kids enjoyed petting their chickens.

We made pizzas for dinner and cooked them on the outdoor pizza oven/grill.

We left soon after dinner because it was getting late (it was a two hour time difference) and we needed to catch up on some sleep.

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