Monday, August 31, 2015

soaking up summer

We've been busy this summer.  We've been on a lot of fun trips, but they took a lot of preparation and clean up and I felt like the kids' time at home this summer was somewhat wasted running errands with me.  So I decided last Wednesday that we needed a day packed full of fun!  We started off with a trip to Jumplogy!
The Ninja Warrior course has become their favorite thing there!

Muscle Man

Both kids tried the trapeze this time and loved it!
 So brave!

I was impressed Emmy made it to the top!


Next stop was the sprayground.  It was a little chilly so the kids didn't play too long.

These boys have had a lot of fun this summer.

Cousin fun.

The kids preferred the playground since the water was so cold.

That girl can pose for a picture!

Five little friends!

My kids love Subway and beg for it all the time.  So of course we ended our day of fun with lunch there.

The countdown to the end of summer has begun.  One more week until our days look a lot different!

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