Tuesday, September 22, 2015

our weekend

I have been running a million different directions since the end of July with our span of vacations and the start of school.  I am the vice president of the PTA at Bryce's school, I'm the chair of the hospitality committee for my MOPs group, I'm the room parent for Emmy's class and possibly Bryce's, and I've just started a little business.  To say I'm wearing lots of hats is an understatement.  I know I will get my head above water soon, but I'm not there yet.  But in the mean time, I was able to have some fun this weekend!
Saturday night we went bowling to celebrate my friend Kathryn's birthday.  This place was very upscale and definitely changed my opinion of bowling!  Below you will see that even in the midst of a busy life, Jason is always there for comic relief! I can't even! 

The kids started their 5 week running series on Sunday afternoon.  Emmy ran the 50 yard dash again this year!

Bryce ran a quarter of a mile again this year.  I can't wait to see his time.  He was super out of breath when he was done.  I'll be interested to see if it's because he picked up his pace or just out of shape since last season.  He did manage to pull out third place though!

I hope to share a post soon on my new business.  It's all so overwhelming right now that I just can't get my pictures and thoughts together! 

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