Monday, September 14, 2015

Disney on Ice

My friend Barbara and her daughter Gracie go to Disney on Ice every year and asked if we wanted to join them this year.  The only Disney movie Emmy has ever seen is Frozen, but she does know who the princesses are so I thought she would enjoy it so we tagged along!
Gracie was thrilled that Emmy was there!

Lucky for us, Frozen is still popular so they did a fairly lengthy display of it!
Emmy belted out all the Frozen songs and clapped and clapped!

Enjoying a few M&Ms after the intermission. 

Kids were decked out in princess costumes.  Emmy kept it simple with a tutu and her princess shirt.  What more do you need when you're wearing every shade of pink, ha! 

Emmy is Gracie's honorary little sister!  Gracie is going to be a big sister for the second time to another little brother and she's not sure how she feels about that (well, she does know how she feels about it, but that's another story) so she's happy to have Emmy!

Thanks for fun night Shipley girls!

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