Friday, June 24, 2011


I didn't document the week as well as I had hoped, but this will do.  Here are the crafts I planned for the kids in the Baby and Me class this week at VBS.

Day 1: we made an earth because God created the world.
Day 2: we made people because God made us.
Day 3: we painted whales for the story of Jonah.
Day 4: we made crosses because Jesus died for us.
Day 5: we made panda picture frames because that was the theme of the week.

I also had fun making snacks.  We just had trail mix the first night.  The second night we had panda cupcakes for the theme.  The third night we had fish rice krispie treats because I couldn't find a whale cookie cutter.  The fourth night I made crosses out of big pretzel rods and tied them together with a piece of a twizzler pull n' peel (forgot to take a picture).  The last night we had pudding cup sundaes to celebrate Jesus!

Tonight was the finale.  We had a big dinner and the kids performed on stage.  Unfortunately I had to stay with Bryce on stage so I wasn't able to get a picture of him signing and dancing.  Afterwards, the ice cream truck comes and the kids get free ice cream!

Bryce chose Sponge Bob.

It was good to the last bite! 

Bryce and his friends (Kathryn, Taylor, Chase, Bryce, Kaleb)

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