Monday, September 20, 2010

we got a contract

We got a contract on the old house today! If all goes as planned this time, we will be closing on October 29. This is good news and sad (not bad) news. We are absolutely thrilled to finally be rid of this house, but I'm so sad to be displacing my parents from another house before they can move into their new one. However, we have been waiting for this since April 2009. I guess it's just bittersweet.

We got a call from our agent on Saturday saying a family wanted to look at the house on Sunday night. They had a few stipulations for what they were approved for and what they wanted in closing costs (a little negotiating took place just to convince them to look at it). After running the numbers, we figured being out a few thousand dollars to close now rather than out a lot of thousands later, was worth the gamble. Looks like it paid off (so far). The new well process is finished and we are hoping it will pass closing without a hitch. Only time will tell, but we are VERY hopeful. And for the record, I'm getting a SOLD sign this time!

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