Thursday, October 29, 2009

under the weather

Thank goodness for all the pre-scheduled posts I made last weekend. Bryce has not been in a picture taking mood this week. He got a fever around noon on Tuesday. I took him to the doctor hoping for an ear infection. His left ear looked great, but they have not been able to check his right ear because it has too much wax in it. They tested for the flu and it was negative. So they sent us home without a diagnosis and told us to keep giving him Tylenol for the fever and to come back Thursday if it hadn't gone away.
Well, today is Thursday and just look at this sad face. Bryce has continued to have a fever that won't go away with Tylenol. I took him back to the doctor today and they dug and dug in his right ear until they pulled a TON of wax out, but NO ear infection. The doctor tested for strep and that was negative, too! The doctor said that the flu test was not a great test and that it could have been a false negative. He listened to Bryce's breathing and said it sounded great. Even with that being said, he narrowed it down to flu or pneumonia. So without a cough, sneeze or congestion, the doctor sent us on our way with a prescription for Tamiflu.

And this is how Bryce felt about his first taste of his $50 (yes, that's right, 50!!!) medicine he will be sipping two times a day for the next five days. And that is about the face I made when the lady told me how much it was. Of course I would pay $500 (or more) to make my baby feel better, I just wish the doctor was more confident in his diagnosis.

I hate that Bryce is feeling yucky, but I love the little cuddle bug he has turned into. Bryce is such a wiggle worm and never wants to be held. He doesn't even like you to rock him to sleep. But this week he lays his head down on me and cuddles every time I pick him up. Such a sweet boy. Hoping he feels 100% VERY soon. Especially in time to trunk-or-treat on Saturday.

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