Sunday, June 28, 2009


Our first family vacation was pretty successful. We loaded up the car and left early Thursday morning. Bryce slept the whole way there! He did pretty well on the beach the first day, but had some crying spells followed by some napping (I think he was still getting over his shots). Thursday night was kind of rough. Bryce normally sleeps for a 7 hour stretch then wakes up to eat and then goes back to bed. However, NOT on vacation. He went to bed about 8:30 which is normal. He woke up at 12 which sometimes happens, but nothing a pacifier can't fix, except on vacation! I was so worried that his crying was going to wake up the other 15 people in the house so I knew feeding him would be the only way to quiet him quickly. He ate and went back to bed, no problem..........until he woke up again at 3. Again, feeding him would be the only way to quiet him quickly and not disturb the peace in the house. When he woke up AGAIN, 3 hours later, we gave up. We ran quickly out of the house with him and took him on a walk in order to let the rest of the house get some sleep. We almost packed up and went home Friday until everyone assured us they did not hear Bryce. We were glad we stayed because the next few days were much more peaceful and very relaxing.
Here he is in his cute little hat (which is impossible to keep on his head). I somehow managed to delete all the pictures of him in his sunglasses and his entire beach outfit before I downloaded them to the computer :( You will have you wait until the next beach vacation for sunglasses.
You can't go to the beach without getting your feet wet. I think Bryce went in deeper than me, ha! I hate the ocean. Hopefully Bryce will enjoy the water so his daddy can have a playmate.

Bryce and Chase at the beach.

Bryce had quite the set up. We put the bouncy seat in the sun dome. What a way to nap!

Bryce enjoyed long naps on the beach.

Jason caught a few fish which is rare for his Nags Head fishing experiences.

Our first family portrait since Bryce was born.


A Wedding Story said...

Grace you're too cute. Glad your back! Nice fish Jason!

Heather said...

i'm so jealous! wish we could have come, too!!!

Grant said...

That's awesome. I'm glad y'all stayed, too. Even though I was there. We went to Destin, but without the baby. Mostly cause we don't have one. Sounds like fun! Glad you caught something, Jase (and I'd have been in the waves with you).