Wednesday, January 28, 2009

36 weeks.......almost

Here I am at 36 weeks (one day early). I decided to go ahead and take a picture today because I put a new outfit together and I thought I would try to add a little variety to my blog wardrobe, hehe. Only 4 weeks to go. Kelly told me last night that I need to make it 3 more weeks because they are going out of town for Presidents Day. If they aren't here, we will just consider it payback since Jason wasn't here when Chase was born. We really hope they are here!!

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Kelly said...

oh, it sounds so bad when you put it in writing. I will feel forever bad if we miss the big day. He could come before then if he wanted, just preferably not the 13,14,15, or before 5pm on the 16th. that's all we're asking! We should have made the trip in January and not now, but we'll blame that one on Dave, right?!