Friday, January 23, 2009

35 weeks

I'm still gaining weight, believe it or not?!? I had to go back and look at old pictures last night to make myself feel better about the round shape that not only my belly has taken on, but my face too!! They took my blood pressure twice today because the first reading was a little high. I still wasn't too pleased with the second reading (128/82), but I guess that's because I'm used to 117/72!! The doctor wasn't worried, so I guess I shouldn't be. The doctor said the baby's head is down and that he is not ready to come out yet. Thank goodness! I can't wait to see him, but I'm not quite ready yet.

Macy is going to be very upset when she has to share her glider with me and the baby. She loves to hop up in the chair when Jason and I are in the nursery. SO cute..........

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A Wedding Story said...

The nursery looks so cute! I love the new colors of your blog and your countdown :)