Wednesday, September 10, 2008

15 Weeks or as Jason would say "Barefoot and Pregnant"

I had originally thought that it was me who wasn't taking very good pictures, but I decided it's my photographer, hehe. Jason insisted on using this picture. He keeps saying "barefoot and pregnant". I don't know what his obsession is, but I just keep thinking he wanted everyone to see the new carpet. I think Macy might like the carpet more than we do!! I went to the doctor today and I only gained 3 pounds in between visits this time, thank goodness! However, I have been asked by multiple people if there is any chance there is more than one in there. By the looks of this picture at only 15 weeks, you may be thinking the same thing. I don't mind the big belly, but I don't think it really looks that big in person (Jason says it does). The nurse said the baby was really active yesterday because the heartbeat was 170 beats per minute. Jason and I go back on October 9th for the big reveal so mark your calendars, but don't everyone call at once!!

P.S. - Jason wants everyone to know it's not all about me. He would like to publicize the fact that he killed 2 geese on opening day!!


entolson82 said...

I didn't know your carpet was in! I want to come over tomorrow and see it! You look super cute!

Heather said...

i love reading your blog and thank you for the jason update!! you look super cute and i'm so proud of jason!