Saturday, June 10, 2017

good citizen

Bryce received a special award a few weeks back!  His school recognizes students who exhibit certain virtues throughout the school year.  I believe there are 6 of them.  Bryce received the citizenship award which encompasses all of the virtues!  To say we are proud of Bryce and the example he sets for others is an understatement!

After the kids shook the principal's hand and got their award, they just continued walking across the stage and then stood on the bleachers.  I told Bryce it would be nice if he would look out at the crowd so people could see his face and so I could get a picture!  The principal loved it.  She commented that I had him trained well.

One student was chosen from each class!

His classmates and teacher had very positive things to say about him!

Keep up the good work Bryceman!

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