Saturday, May 23, 2009

He is his father's son!

Jason said he wouldn't push hunting on Bryce, but if he wanted to be a hunter, he would definitely encourage it. Well if you notice, Bryce is holding his very first duck call that Jason bought him when we was born. I think that might be "pushing hunting" on him. I must say that it is impressive that he can already hold on to it.
I think we have a very advanced son! I don't really want him to be a hunter, but I am quite impressed that he already knows what do with the call. I know, I's instinct for all babies to put things in their mouth, but it looks like he knows what he is doing. You can't see it, but the duck call is engraved with Bryce's name and birthday. Nothing but the best for our son!

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Josh, Jamie, Kaleb, and Maggie said...

Gosh! Look how big Bryce is getting! It's amazing how much they change in so little time!